A Message From Vassil N. Nikolov, CEO of Evolves Tech

Dear Reader,

Thank you! I would like to assure all clients, employees and partners that Evolves, continues to produce exemplary results in its field. In times of great stress and uncertainty.

We have changed our logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing and third party seller processes to prioritize safety of employees. So far we have increased profitability of the company as much as 47.79%, by moving towards remote work. According to our latest surveys, workers’ satisfaction was increased by 7.4% and productivity was increased by 12.01%, cost of operation was reduced by 37% which allowed us to continue expansion at a time when competitors entered into stagnation.

In that regards we are opening our operations to outside investments so we can continue with the acquisition of competitors, 5000 Shares will be released for purchase for pre approved investors, at a fixed price of 1000 EUR per share. For pre-approval and more information please reach out to us at investors@evolves.tech.


Vassil N. Nikolov

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